Convert, Engage, and Retain

All in one integrated System to optimize and grow your agency.

What is InsuredMine?

An Add-on to your Agency Management System that helps your Agency with SEAM (Sales, Engagement, Analytics, and Mobility). Insurance Teams utilize InsuredMine’s Agency Portal and Mobile App to manage clients & prospects, offering an omnichannel presence and last mile connectivity.

With features like Sales Pipeline, Renewal Pipeline, Service Pipeline, 2 way – Nowcerts Sync, Personalized email/text Drip, Automation, Goal Management, Task Management, Scheduler, Charts & Analytics, Forecast, Checklist, Form builder, Email builder, Email Campaigns, Segmentation, Bulk Text, Automation Workflow, Google Review, Single Contact Drip, Sales Automation, Video Integration, Prebuilt Templates, Tags, Dashboard, Daily data Highlights, Opportunities Management, Client Map, Contact 360, Mobile App, User Management, Policy & Carrier Info, Single Sign On (SSO), and several other Integrations to step up your sales and marketing game.

We also integrate with Google, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, Slack, payment tools and many more.

Why prefer InsuredMine?

No need to have 10 different tools to manage 10 different functionalities. Support, Service and Training being our differentiating factor with strongest Nowcerts integration with heavy investment in cyber security.

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